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Japan Cosmetic

Today, with the developmen of beauty technology, more and more beauty care cosmetic products are being produced, so that consumers have more choices than ever. However, to choose a suitable product for yourself and be sure about quality and safety for your health is not simple at all. With a philosophy focused on safety, the nature elements in the products like anti-aging from shrimp, salmon eggs or whitening the skin from the fermented foods: soy sauce, Japanese wine or the  secret "the dominant power from rice" etc, we believe that the products from Japan will meet the your beauty needs, while ensuring the health of women. We are currently looking for distributors, investors for the following product lines. Besides, if you need other products that are not in this list, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and dial the number 0911.725.986 or email us at, we'll help you find the products you want.
1.  Caprêve Sunscreen
2. The Royal Cos. Products