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All of us want to be young, healthy and beautiful, but achieving that desire is not simple. The particular requirements of job, economic conditions and food safety problems  and nutrient-poor foods lead to the increase of cancer, metabolic disorders, diabetes, blood pressure, blood fat, fatty liver etc. To help you somehow solve these problems, we would like to introduce the functional food for health care which comes from the country of the rising sun - Japan. To widespread these products to consumers, we are looking for distributors, investors who are interested in this kind of products. Here is a list of the products we have.  Besides, if you need other products that are not in this list, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at 0911.725.986 or email us at, we'll help you find the products you want.

1. Collagen Placeta Orihiro Japan

2. Bột uống từ cỏ tre gấu Nhật Bản